Our Heroes

As I drive around, I see many signs with “Heroes Work Here”. Most, rightfully so. Well, I believe Heroes Work at Fox Valley Cab! We’ve been dealing with these challenging times without any fanfare and our drivers and dispatchers have stepped up, big time! We’ve donated countless rides to help others, but most of all, we’ve continued to take people where they needed to go, including many who still need to get to dialysis, doctors’ appointments and hospitals. We may be the only company that willingly drives COVID+ patients to various facilities, institutions or homes. Unlike many facilities, we do not receive government subsidies for driving COVID patients. We’ve had to invest heavily from our own resources to provide needed supplies and equipment. We see this as our civic duty as members of this community to keep providing services to those who need it. So next time you see any of our drivers, help me thank them for continuing to work often at some risk to themselves and a major reduction to their pay over the last 10 months. Even more so if you do use our service, be as generous as possible when considering tipping. Our drivers have truly been outstanding on their approach and dedication, again despite the hardships and no fanfare or much recognition. To me, that’s the true definition of heroes.

Igor Leykin Fox Valley Cab

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