Travel Tips: Business Ready

Traveling for business is not always the easiest thing to prepare for. Having to sleep on planes, buses or trains, sticking to a precise itinerary, packing the appropriate outfits and staying mesmerized by your electronic devices can throw you off. There are a few tips to consider when you’re about to head out of town!

First and foremost, if there is anything you take from this blog post that will help you in traveling it’s our recommendation to stay positive. In order to reduce stress, it helps to keep an optimistic outlook and be thankful of all the people you will encounter that will be helping you along your journey. Most travelers that are friendly and polite to the staff more often than not become the recipients of upgrades, exemplary service and an overall more positive experience throughout.

Although being cordial and appreciative can take you a long way, but there are other ways to limit your disruptions and boost productivity. Check out some of our rules of the road for easy business travel!

  1. Keep an ‘always packed’ list
    If you’re a person that travels often for business, it can be a hassle keeping track of all the things going in and coming out of your suitcase. To make sure that you are not forgetting your essentials like toiletries and charging cables for electronics, keep a set of those items packed in your travel bag at all times. By doing this you can avoid those “Oh no, I can’t believe I forgot the…” moments.
  2. Limit your luggage
    Travel is extremely stressful when you are worried about the chance you will lose your bag or it was sent to San Francisco when you just arrived in Chicago. If you can get away with it, pack only a carry-on and avoid checking a bag. In most cases, that doesn’t happen in business situations. If you have checked baggage be early, mark your luggage with something you can recognize as yours and do your best to be one of the first at baggage claim.
  3. Utilize your technology!
    Checking in to your flight online before you get to the airport can save you loads of time. Researching transport services to and from airports, local eateries, and letting your hotel know when to expect your arrival can expedite the process and make the travel as pain-free as possible.
  4. Keep customer-service numbers accessible
    Saving customer-service numbers to your hotel, planned transport or anywhere you may have a reservation is extremely beneficial. Instead of waiting in lines and doing things last minute, you can streamline the process by keeping these numbers handy and calling as soon as something comes up.
  5. There is no right or wrong way to pack
    Everyone has a method to their madness. Some people feel comfortable prioritizing some things over others. Bottom line is, if you have a system that works, go with it. Don’t feel the need to change your routine because of some ‘latest and greatest’ method you read recently. Like the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

These tips are only meant to help streamline your process and help alleviate some of the stresses that come with traveling. Here at Fox Valley Cab, we understand that it can be tough traveling for business but we are here to help. Contact us when you are in need of a ride, we are just a call away. Or download our app!

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